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bella's country place

Our Story

This is a picture of Bella's Country Place many years ago. The house used to be the annexe of the hostel at Narrogin Senior High School. It was built in 1956 by Mr Davis. The first six ladies to reside here, was Peggy Sambell (married name), Faye Becker, Dorothy Lulfitz, Pat Bruin, Pam Freeman and Shirley Orchard. Mr & Mrs Morley ran the hostel, assisted by Miss Mil Kenny. From what we could find out by asking around, was that the last students stayed here in 1979.

We have since had the great honour of two of the above-mentioned boarders Peggy Sambell and Shirley Anderson (Orchard​) stay here with us on separate occasions.

The name for Bella's was chosen by our children in very fond memory of their belated grandmother Ouma Bella, a most remarkable woman.